Profire Services UK Ltd
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Environmental Policy


We are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. As a market leader, we recognize our responsibility to take a leading role in promoting environmental good practice.

We will;

  • Maintain systems to ensure complete legislative compliance & industry best practice.
  • Set and regularly review objectives & targets relating to our environmental impact, particularly focusing on resource use, waste management and direct releases in the production of our products.
  • Liaise with suppliers and customers to find practical, mutually cost effective ways to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Favour suppliers with environmental management systems and sound environmental records.
  • Actively seek & favour environmental alternatives to our current product range.
  • Add new environmental products to our existing product range.
  • Develop the skills and competences required for our staff to manage environmental issues related to our operations.
  • Liaise with customers to advise on the correct disposal of non-reusable items.
  • Take delivery of, store & ensure the correct recycling of any used recyclable items we sell.